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Outerlink Global Solutions holds STC’s for 53 aviation models and provides a wide variety of aviation solutions which are built specifically for the rigors and requirements of your mixed aircraft and rotor wing fleet. Outerlink's products offer durability, efficiency and enhanced safety while flying or operating your aircraft fleet every day. 

Discover Outerlink's CP-Series of tracking and communications devices including Outerlink's CP3i, CP3i Rev E, and the all new CP3i Rev H multi modal satellite transceiver by downloading the PDF brochures to the right.

Looking to track your fresh or salt water marine fleet?

Outerlink is proud to offer our CQ4 Marine-Tracker. This next-generation tracking device is for all marine or maritime applications. Built specifically for fresh and salt water environments, the CQ4 Marine-Tracker is a multi-modal dual mode communications device that works seamlessly with Outerlink Console our one-of-a-kind mapping and management software. Please download the CQ4 Marine-Tracker PDF brochure to the right to learn more!

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Outerlink STC's
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